Seasonal Maintenance Of the House

Every year, monthly or quarterly there’s a need do some maintenance for a good house. For example, one is required to check on their fire extinguisher every month. This is to ensure that it has no blockages whatsoever. Also monthly checking of the kitchen sink disposal and cleaning it is a good way of a proper and a good house. This applies to every season and weather change.

Spring Season
home maintenance The house has just been past the winter weather, and it is preparing itself for summer weather. This calls for spring season maintenance and cleaning. Spring season is the time to clean out the outer parts of the house. It time to check for the drainage system and to unblock if blocked. It also is the time to paint and consult experts for cracks repairs. This is also the right time to repair the air conditioning system the house as one prepares for the hot weather. It is also a good time to check out for leaking roofs, clearing dead plants around the house and checking out for trees that may be blocking the electric lines.

Summer Season
Summer is the hot seasons that will a good time to check out for any pest problem. Pests are active and hyper in this season. It is also the time to clean the garage, clean the windows and check out for window repair if present. Summer also calls for plumbing inspections.

For autumn, you have the right time to get off summer and prepare the house for the cold winter season right about. This is also the time to test the heating system and flush the water heater. It’s also the right time to check the chimney and remove any blockages present. This is also the right time to buy your house a winter gear.
Bathtub repairs, basement cleaning, tightening handles and knobs, and repairing shower: All are the activities that await a new house owner during winter. This is in addition to checking the icicles regularly.